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Mother Baby Bonding

Your birth experience with me is one full of support.  Start with the Complete Birth Experience and add on my Revive Signature Package for an enhanced postpartum experience or placenta encapsulation.  Scroll to the bottom for pricing.


prenatal care

Helping you and your partner throughout your pregnancy with prenatal visits, continuous resources and emotional support.


Providing emotional and physical support to you and your partner through relaxing birthing techniques for a mentally safe delivery.

postpartum care

Celebrating the birth of your baby and checking in with you and your partner to provide downtime and mental/emotional support.

the specifics

Family in the Kitchen

Complete Birth Experience

prenatal care

postpartum care

labor + birth

  •  Two prenatal visits (varies on clients need) to assess your desired birth plan and establish a trustful bond. 

  • Continuous physical, emotional and educational resources for you and your partner throughout pregnancy. 

  • Unlimited phone and email support to answer your concerns. 

  • I will help you through your labor and birth by offering relaxing techniques and helpful birthing positions to keep you as comfortable as possible.

  • Physical and emotional support to you and partner to help maintain a mentally safe environment for delivery. 

  • Two postpartum visits to celebrate you and the birth of your baby (varies on clients need). 

  • This includes emotional support, rest and restore time, lactation support and light meal with tea.  Belly binding and closing of bones are offered for an additional fee.


complete birth experience includes childbirth ed $1750

prenatal + birth $1500
CHildbirth Education $250

postpartum only
$35 an hour

revive Signature package $250


If pricing is a concern, please send me an email to ask how I can help you!

foot spa


Take a moment to relax while soaking your feet in epson salt and essential oils for 20-30 minutes while sipping your mint tea.

Benefits: Reduces stress, decreases swelling, and promotes better sleep.

Enjoy a facial to help keep the glow and help improve the pregnancy blemishes

Benefits: Promotes self-care, assist with restoring skin hydration, helps with pregnancy acne.

herbal bath

eucalyptus shower

yoni steam

Bengkuk belly binding

Soak in a hot bath full of herbs to help relax.

Benefits: Soothes perineal muscles and/or lacerations, reduces swelling and promotes relaxation.

Hang, a sprig of eucalyptus around your shower head and take in the minty aroma as you cleanse and breathe deeply for a fresh and energized day.

Benefits: Reduces stress and pain, promotes energy, and helps with respiratory.

Sit over hot water with Moroccan herbs for 20-60 minutes to allow the steam to cleanse the vagina and uterus.

Benefits: Assists in healing hemorrhoids and perineal tears, promotes a healthy uterus, and relieves postpartum contractions.

This Malaysian tradition is a wrapping technique done to offer support to the postpartum womb to aid in healing.

Benefits: Offers back support, helps with repositioning ligaments and organs, and reduces hip discomfort.

closing the bones ceremony

This Moroccan healing ritual that is to help mom's body return to pre-pregnancy state using a kourziya wrap which is wrapped around mom to close the pregnancy. 

Benefits: Acknowledges changes in mom's body, helps pelvic organs to shift and uterus to shrink, stimulates blood flow.


revive yourself!

customize your postpartum experience

After you've gone through the Complete Birth Experience, feel free to add on any 3 of the following add-ons to enhance your fourth trimester and revive your postpartum body.

  • Foot Spa

  • Herbal Bath

  • Yoni Steam

  • Facial

  • Eucalyptus Shower

  • Belly Binding

  • Closing the Bones Ceremony

The Revive Signature Package 

the specifics

Other Services

childbirth classes

Lamaze-based courses

placenta encapsulation

Keepsakes and tinctures also available

fertility suport

Nutritional and educational resources and emotional support



Currently Servicing


Washington, d.c.

Anne Arundel County

Montgomery County

Prince George's county

Howard County

Baltimore County

*If you're outside of these areas, please contact me for information on virtual services.

Ready to Book Your Consultation?

Schedule a free one hour consultation to get answers to your questions. Consultations can be done via phone or video call.

If you're not sure if a doula is for you, send me an email with your questions!

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